Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is a Mexican cultural icon that roots from religious beliefs but is more so a national and patriotic symbol of Mexico. She is beloved by most, if not all, of the Mexican/Chicano community because people attribute her with miraculously interceding on their behalf to produce positive well-being. Growing up, her image, story, and holiness was embedded into my life by my devoted parents. She was consciously displayed throughout our home in various forms including statues, frames, and prayer cards. After I was introduced to her in a religious setting, I began to understand the devotion that my parents alongside the majority of the community have for her, which is when she became prominent in my life and I affirmed my faith in her. Undoubtedly, since her transcendence into the modern world, her image has been heavily commercialized, prompting her appearance in various forms and places; yet, she remains regarded with the utmost respect and is worn with pride for all that she entails. No Me Desampares, Ni De Noche Ni De Día explores the various ways in which La Virgen de Guadalupe influences my spirituality and manifests herself in my life both literally and figuratively.
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